1-on-1: Risk Management - Portfolio Workshop w/ Keaton Lee

1-on-1: Risk Management - Portfolio Workshop w/ Keaton Lee

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Overview: Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and demand vigilance from their market participants. The nature of the asset class demands that all speculators act according to well-constructed and rational plans should they wish to earn profits and avoid losses. Keaton Lee, analyst for Hyped on Crypto and author of the Triage for the Losing Trader series, offers these one-on-one information shares to help Cryptocurrency speculators establish their own rational plans. Education comes in three module varieties: Triage, Portfolio Creation, and Trading Plan Creation. In each approximately hour long module, the pupil is guided through steps to complete a detailed and rational plan of action to minimize risk and maximize profit..


Portfolio Workshop: For all new speculators who do not yet have a portfolio plan.
This roughly 1-hour module will help the new speculator rationally build a portfolio designed to capture the growth of the Cryptocurrency space while limiting exposure to single-point-of-failure risk. Develop an understanding of your own applied reasoning and risk tolerance, define your goals and methodologies, and build a portfolio incorporating your current asset distribution.

An additional 30-minutes can be added on or purchased at a later time here.


About the Educator: Keaton is a respected analyst for Hyped on Crypto with an exceptional mind for applied rationality. Keaton studied Machine Learning at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (#1 US, U.S. News & World Report), was two-time Virginia State Champion and National Runner-Up in the US Department of Energy National Science Bowl, earned 1580/1600 on the SAT, and became an International Security Professional at age 18.